Molino mini bong

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The nice cobalt glass detail on mouthpiece makes this the king of the mini bongs!


Great! Review by akweedman

This bong is great. Ive had it about a month now and its really nice. it rips hard and is tiny which is nice. the only bad things: its only for one maybe two people at a time. tried doing it with a whole carload of people and it sucked kus i had to reload it every 30 second. and it does definitely need a filter. besides that. its great!

(Posted on 6/28/09)
I got this fine piece in the mail… Review by honeysmooth

I got this fine piece in the mail about twenty minutes ago. Already packed it up with some nugget and let me say, she rips. It’s not going to give you a massive hit (due to its smaller size), but, what you do get is what you paid for. A small good hitting rip for one (possibly two).

(Posted on 8/19/08)
i ordered this thing a few weeks… Review by sephirias

i ordered this thing a few weeks ago and i have to say i was displeased when i first saw it. very small, but then i used it. it was Amazing. you get huge hits and it works very quickly too. id recomend this to anyone!

(Posted on 8/17/08)
small but it kick some ass dude… Review by rdl-smoker

small but it kick some ass dude !!!

(Posted on 8/17/08)
4.5 STARS!!! My first bong! The… Review by motaica

4.5 STARS!!! My first bong! The first I’ve bought but not the first I’ve used. Called it Mighty Mouse, because even though some would call it a bubbler and not a bong, it definitely packs a deceiving, nice PUNCH. This is NOT a multi-chamber PHX or a ROOR, both of which I have used before, but it’s worth it’s price and weight in GOLD for various reasons. -At this price, if it breaks, just buy a new one. Same price as my glass pipe, including shipping from Amsterdam to NYC. Better than breaking a $200 dollar bong. -It is PORTABLE. After a month owning it, I have carried it in my back pocket many times to friend’s dorm rooms or apartments. -You get the cooling and water filtration without the lung power needed with a bigger bong. THIS MEANS that first time users are ALWAYS deceived from the KICK they get from such a small bong. -Always a conversation piece. Some even call it cute. I call it Mighty. —CONS— Rated it at 4.5 for two reasons. -Bowl is smaller than I thought, so needs to be repacked often if more than 2 people are smoking. -A lot of herb will fall through. EASILY FIXED with a glass screen/filter. Unfotunately didn’t see these in grasscity store, only the metal ones which I personally don’t use, but the glass ones are not that hard to find. Would recommend the “rose-petal” type instead of the “pyramid arms” type because the latter takes too much space in the already small bowl. —TIPS— -Would highly recommend the use of a grinder to fit as much herb per bowl pack as possible. -As I mentioned above I highly recommend a glass filter/screen -Started doing this about 2 months ago, and NEVER going back to lighters. USE TOOTHPICKS TO LIGHT YOUR HERB. It is much more efficient. I know there is solar-toking, heated glass rods, and you can probably even use a laser from wicked lasers dot com to light your herb but toothpicks are really inexpensive, leave some taste, but better than lighters, and are good to have around for cleaning your bong, grinder, etc. -SORRY for the really long review, but ENJOY, I will definitely look at Molino Glass again, if I am in search for a full sized bong in the future. Happy toking.

(Posted on 8/7/08)
Wow my first bong!!!!it looks… Review by thisgoodstuff

Wow my first bong!!!!it looks great,nice glass,plus its easy 2 hide from anyone that u don’t want them 2 see.looks just like the picture.i recomend this 2 any first time bonger.hahah i can’t wait 2 somke out of this 2morrow yeaaaaaaa!!

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