Molino mini bong 2

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Nice cobalt glass dots…another great mini bong from Molino Glass!


Awesome mini–Sheee rips! Review by JPchillin


I have had this Molino mini bong for about 7 or so months now. At first, I did not use it much because the mouthpiece stem would NOT say in for the life of it. But in a stoned venture with my girlfriend, we found that a crayola twistables tube fits PERFECT and we’ve been getting pretty epic rips since.

The smoke swirls up quite nicely and is cool to witness when it is crystal clean. It is not a very good party bong at all. My usual group of pot-heads is 5 people total, and this bong has never made it past more than 3 before needing to be packed again. However when it is just my girlfriend and myself smoking, we love using this piece. We get verrry efficiently stoned. Pack a full one of some grinded herb, and I can almost guarantee a gnarly headchange.

So overall this Molino mini-bong is BADASS and totally worth every penny. The mouthpiece stem was a pain in the ass to keep in, but in finding a “ghetto” alternative, this thing is a beast.

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