Marijuana Max and the Freudian Slip

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Late 1970′s I worked as a casual drink waiter, weekends, at one of Sydney’s Rugby League Football Clubs. Balmain Leagues Club actually. In those days the Saturday and Sunday nights entertainment in the Auditorium was free. There was a resident Band and Ballet (chorus line) performing each night plus visiting artists. The Band was excellent and the Ballet didn’t go unnoticed. The band was led by Mike Perjanic and was called the COMPLEX. They were first class. Mike by the way for any British readers wrote the theme music for “Neighbours”. We got bumper crowds every night. The patrons were seated at two rows of long tables with a centre line between them from the stage down the auditorium. Fifty or more people to each table.

By the other staff I was called Marijuana Max because there was seldom a night I wasn’t stoned from start to finish. By the loyal patrons at my two tables I was known as the “singing waiter”. Contrary to what the “straights” might imagine, I had no trouble remembering the drinks individual groups ordered and what I charged them. Remembering what you charged was important because Australia, being a non tipping culture, you added what you thought the traffic would stand to the cost of each round. If you weren’t careful there was sure to be someone in the group who would remember what they paid for the last round.

Anyway before the entertainment started we would spend time picking up glasses around the poker machines. One night there was a particularly “toothsome” lady at one of the machines. Of course I spent quite a bit of time trying to “chat her up” and was disappointed when it came time to go into the Auditorium and I hadn’t made much headway. My charm wasn’t working on her that evening.

The bars were so arranged that when collecting drinks my tables in the auditorium I could see patrons from the pokies getting there drinks at another bar. Early in the piece before the entertainment had actually started I spied my target at the other bar getting a drink. I continued extolling the wonders of the entertainment particularly how good the band was. I was still hoping to get her onto one of my tables.

Finally we get down to the nitty gritty. When she asked me what the name of the band was, quick as a flash from my subconscious in a loud voice comes, “The CLIMAX” Now for any of you who have read this far and didn’t know at the start what a “Freudian slip” was, that’s about the best example you will ever find. Naturally or unnaturally as the case may be, I didn’t see her in the auditorium. Didn’t really matter as there was a classy young lady at one of my tables that night with whom I formed a very nice relationship.

By the way hope to see you all at the 15th Cannabis (Word Peace) Cup

Mad (Marijuana) Max

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