legend of the oowop

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Many of us smokers have surpassed the phase of bowls and joint and the homemade devices we all know have saved our life many times before.The final step in getting high is smoking blunts.Everyone should know what a blunt is, but for those of you who dont its about the amount of three fat doobies rolled in a cigar. Very tasty!!. All me and my friends ever smoke is blunts. I smoke on the average of about 4-6 blunts a day. On the weekends ,its a totally different story. We smoke stupid amounts.One friday night me and all of my buddies decided to get a half pound and smoke it all in one night. In order to do this we would have to smoke steadily!!!! We all sat down, stoned out of our minds from the blue haze,and started talking. My friend said “You guys ever heard of an oowop?” None of us had. He said he had heard about it but never tried it. So we went to the stor! e and got a box of swisher sweets.we had an essembley line going. Four people were cutting up the stink nuggets while the other three of us were spliting stogeys. We connected about 5 of them together and rolled over 35 grams in it .It was like an uncooked pretzel when we first rolled it.After being put under a gro-lite, it was dry in about five minutes and hard as a rock!! Ready to smoke!!!We called some more people over to party and in the end 17 people helped consume this massive blunt and twelve of them had to stop smoking it!! Two yaked!! I have never been so high in my intire life!! It is now a weekend ritual and I strongly urge the most tolerant stoners to try it!!! Good luck fellas!
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