Legend of the Herb

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First, to understand the story, you need to understand some background info. Okay, a while back my dad thought I stole some $, and I had bad grades, and etc. so anyway, my dad is really pissed, and violent . . . and tomorrow reports cards are comin’ in. Well, frankly, I’m a little scared, so I decide to sort of runaway and prettymuch spend the night at a friend’s house and not call. So that day I went to my friend Nigel’s and all went according to plan, until my dad called. My friend Aaron told him (turns out probably good). So my dad comes over and tears Nigel’s dad a new asshole.So now they think I’m some angel, who so unfortunatley has an abusive, alcoholic father.(Which he isn’t).

You see, we always thought Nigel was allergic to smoke.
(I know pretty lame excuse, huh?)
Turns out he wasn’t, so me and this dirt-smokin’, dope fiendin’ type of pothead, named Ed, and one of Nigel’s loser friend’s, who also just started smoking went to go smoke. You see, Ed is rich, and had this stupid cell-phone that he kept playin’ with. So anyway we go down under some bleachers at a near-by baseball field and we’re hittin’ a bong, smokin’ some pretty damn good shit, and while Ed’s dumbass accidentally calls Nigel on his fancy speed dial, Caller-ID, automatic, whatever feature on his phone.

So when Nigel comes home, his parents are like; ” Where have you been? Who you been with?” so he says

“I was up at Garrison [Park] with Ed and Rob” so his parents walk over to the counter and fiddle with something. A few seconds later . . . It’s me and Ed, and Nigel, and his stupid friend, all on the answering machine hittin’ a bong, and talkin’ burnt talk. So everyone, except me, got snitched out by Nigel’s mom . . . because they thought my dad would beat me.

So everyone get totally fucked, exept ole Rob [me] who walks away scot free. Life is good.

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