Inside Out Spoon Glass Pipe

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Product Description

  • Inside out one-piece hand pipe with color and fumed dots.


Excellent. Review by Dexing

I picked this pipe out for my 16th birthday, I’m nineteen and I still have it. Mine is a much cooler shape then the one in the picture, it is perfectly balanced and can stand on its mouth piece, it hits fantastically, has survived 2-3 very bad drops, has gotten hundreds of compliments, is chosen over other pipes when someone needs one to use, has a decent sized bowl, a perfect carb to bowl hole ratio, is comfortable in the hand, and a thrilling piece to watch change colors and evolve with time. It is my favorite pipe I have ever owned, and a true work of art. There was no disappointment in this pipe whatsoever. The one you get may be as nice as mine, who knows!

Kind of a small bowl, but… Review by JRTRAP

Kind of a small bowl, but otherwise this is a work of art. Nice design, mine came with blue and yellow stripes all over it…pretty phat, already changing colors after 2 bowls. definatly worth the money. TRAP

I’ve had this bowl for almost six… Review by germbrat

I’ve had this bowl for almost six months now and it still hits amazing. Mine came with an orange pattern to it and now has a deep purple background and light blue spots all over as well. Best pipe I ever bought.

Great pipe, Awesome colors when… Review by iggyrulz420

Great pipe, Awesome colors when smoked out of for a while. Hits awesome. Nice feel in your hand.

This is a really nice bowl, i just… Review by broseph

This is a really nice bowl, i just got mine tonight and it looks even cooler than the one in the picture, I only smoked three bowls out of it and its already starting to change colors. This thing hits pretty hard and will get you baked pretty quickly. I would definantly reccomend adding this piece to your collection.

not double blown, however very… Review by winning420

not double blown, however very nice piece and worth the price for the craftmanship. hits nice, and is already getting slight color change after 3 or 4 packs.

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