Grow your own!

Posted: 03/15/2010 | By: 420tour | Under: Best Sellers, Bongs & Waterpipes | 0 Comments is a new site we are reviewing that offers a complete and comprehensive step by step guide on how to cultivate your own marijuana indoors. The guide is well written and lays out a damn good plan on setting up your indoor garden. The guide lists approximately fifteen steps which take you through the entire growing process. It starts with choosing the seeds and soil, and then moves into what are the right lights for growing weed. Next, the site goes into the proper watering techniques, feeding etc., and then into one of the more important steps, which is ventilation. The end of the guide goes into harvesting and curing, and even shows you how to clone marijuana plants.

All in all I would give this guide 4 out of 5 stars. This guide is great for newbies, but also could teach a veteran a thing or two.

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