Fact or Fiction: Can weed kill you?

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Despite its illegality in most places around the globe, it’s no secret that hundreds of thousands of people smoke weed—or marijuana—on a daily basis. Marijuana has recently been legalized in multiple states across the U.S. for medicinal use, although be warned: it does, however, remain a federal offense. With weed in such a spotlight, there is much confusion about the true effects of puffing a little ganja, the answer to the question, “Can weed kill you?” and how a drug could be considered both a cure and a crime.

can you die from weed
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Risk vs. Reward – Can weed kill you?

The effects of weed stretch far and wide and also differ from individual to individual. While there has been numerous reported, as well a scientifically proven, effects of marijuana that are both negative and positive, one lingering question from many individuals is “Can weed kill you?” which in the event of being true, is most definitely negative.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the concept of risk vs. reward. The act of smoking weed can be easily placed within the context of that argument. How so? Oftentimes in life we learn that even the greatest things or experiences can also have major downsides, and are therefore far riskier than are good in how rewarding they may be.

How does that answer the question “Can you die from weed”?

Risks can be major or minor; they can simply be the lack of a reward at all. Risks can also be direct or indirect consequences of an action. Many people are quick to assume that just because something does not have a direct impact upon your life or upon a certain situation, then that idea is wholly good. It’s simply a simple misconception to think that smoking weed is 100% safe or that there can be no risks involved, including death.

Here are some indirect ways that weed can have a negative effect and lead to possible death:

Although weed does essentially fight off cancerous cells, you are still smoking and bringing tar into the lungs. This can still lead to cancer of the lungs in people with compromised immune systems.

Most weed is bought off the streets and not medicinally. There’s always the chance that you may purchase tainted weed cut with other drugs that could easily lead to death if mixed with the wrong medications.

Lastly, if one chooses to smoke and drive, there is always a large impairment and therefore likelihood of accident or death.
So, can weed kill you? Yes, surely. But not directly.

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