Electronic Cigarette Expert Andy Gray Educates Consumers, New & Old

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For three years, a Consultant by the name of Andy Gray has educated people on a topic many people are interested in: quitting smoking. Without making health claims or other bold statements that aren’t kosher with the FDA, Gray has gained quite the following by constantly updating his electronic cigarette review website.

At one point in time, Gray smoked “about a pack a day.” However, with the help of a friend, he was turned on to the electronic, vapor-emitting versions of cigarettes commonly referred to as simply “e-cigarettes.” These products, made in China, have become the talk of smokers of all walks of life over the last year or so, but Gray says the rapid rise in electric smoking started in about 2009.

“I tried these products in 2009 and almost nobody had heard of them,” said Gray. I had to tell people at restaurants and casinos that I wasn’t smoking a “real” cigarette. It was a lot of explaining to do, and I got sick of it, so I set out to created awareness the only way I know how – taking my message to the World Wide Web.

Setting up what would be the now famous e-cigarette blog, Gray started posting written reviews. “I started with about three brands, there really weren’t all that many available and popular back then. Now, I think I’ve tried over 100 brands,” added Gray. In the process of gaining a loyal following, he has helped what he estimates over 10,000 consumers to switch to the electronic smoking devices. Since he’s re-tooled his site to make a more user friendly experience, he’s garnered interest from many outside firms who run stories on the topic, and his quotes and reviews appear in many press releases on the topic of electronic cigarette smoking.

A YouTube channel shows Gray demonstrating various products. He shows the audience the packaging, the cartridges, and every sub-component of the devices. It’s really a well-oiled machine, and anyone looking for tips on which brand to buy can simply visit the site and read through the database of reviews as well as 1,000’s of comments from consumers who visit frequently.

“I wanted people to interact and give each other insider tips on the various brands,” added Gray. “The audience has formed a community, and within the community, we have people discussing everything from flavors to shipping times. I’ve never seen a group of people pull together online and help each other like this, but with a cause like getting people away from tobacco products and lingering odor, I guess there are many strong-willed people posting their opinions. It’s really cool to see.”

Grays blog is among the top trafficked websites according to Alexa.com

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