E-Cigarette Comparison: Bull Smoke vs South Beach Smoke

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There are a lot of smokers that are starting to try electronic cigarettes and they really like them but it is hard to decide which ones to buy. There are dozens of e-cigarette brands and it can be overwhelming. Two of the best brands of e-cigarettes for an electronic cigarette comparison are South Beach Smoke and Bull Smoke.

E-cigarettes have popped up for sale everywhere in the past few years, and for good reason. Switching from regular tobacco to e-cigarettes can save you money and improve your health. You don’t have to worry about stained teeth or a bad smell with e-cigs. E-cigarette starter kits like those made by Bull Smoke help you make the transition from traditional cigarettes to the new, improved way to smoke.

Both of these brands of e-cigarettes are attractive because they have some amazing packaging. The Bull Smoke e-cigarette is perfect for a manly man and the South Beach e-cigarette has a classic black that most people really like. According to some South Beach Smoke reviews a lot of people really like this e-cigarette because of the vapor it emits and it has five alluring flavors.

The Bull Smoke e-cigarette has a battery that lasts a really long time and if you are person who likes to try different flavors then Bull Smoke has about ten to choose from. When it comes to quality then a lot of reviews claim that Bull Smoke and South Beach Smoke are both right on the money.

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