Does Bud Lose Its Potency if You Smoke it for too Long?

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One of the hard things about information about cannabis is that the experience of using cannabis is largely subjective. Some people report that, after they have been smoking the same marijuana for a while, they don’t feel the effects quite as strongly as they did at first. In fact, some people claim that they don’t even get high off marijuana if they have smoked it for too long.

Is this true? It depends on whom you ask. Because a marijuana buzz is such a subjective experience, you may notice that you still feel like you get a marijuana high off bud that you have been smoking for a while, while other people you know who use medical marijuana may report that they can’t smoke any more than a quarter ounce or even less of the same bud without noticing a significant diminishing in the effects.

Understanding the Effects

If you’re wondering whether you are developing a tolerance to a particular strain of marijuana, the first thing you want to take into consideration is how you experienced the buzz at first. For example, if you were smoking an Indica strain, you probably notice that you felt calm, very relaxed and not very energetic. If you were smoking a Sativa strain, you may have noticed that you felt very energetic, lively and were probably quite a bit of fun to be around.

If these effects are diminishing, you may actually be developing something of a tolerance to the marijuana that you’re smoking. The thing to watch out for is if you are no longer getting the medical benefit that you are after. For example, if you are smoking marijuana for chronic pain and you notice that it doesn’t seem to be killing the pain quite as well as it did when you first got it, you may want to go down to the dispensary and talk to the people about it. They may be able to recommend a similar strain of marijuana that can help you get the benefits again.

Smoking too Much

Most of the time, if you smoke too much marijuana, you’ll probably fall asleep and wake up very hungry or get very hungry and then fall asleep after you eat. This is the most common side effect of people smoking too much marijuana. Of course, if you’re smoking marijuana to increase your appetite and relieve anxiety, this isn’t a side effect, it’s the desired effect.

There is a point, however, when people smoke so much marijuana that they are no longer really getting a buzz off it. For most people, there is something of a ceiling as to how much of an effect you can expect for marijuana. If you feel like you’re not getting any more of a buzz and that you’re just burning up weed, it’s a good idea to quit. You may want to look for something a bit stronger or, on the other hand, you may want to get up and do something, as you may have more of a buzz than you think and you may not realize it because you haven’t moved around since you started smoking.

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