Chronic Scared the Fuck Out Me

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The day was friday so the homies and me were fucking around like always. I was in need of some good yeska so that’s when my homie Silent told me that his grandfather sold bud. I decided to check out what he had told me. We took his cousin cause he was the one who knew my homies grand father more than he did. As we arrived I was already feeling the craving for the bud. I wanted a 40 just 2 check out the bud. He gave us a pretty good amount. I smelled it and right away I knew it was Blue Berry Chronic. Since my homie Silent was the one who told me about the yeska I told him if he wanted to blaze it up (he said orales). So I asked my other homies: Nino Mac, Ricki Ricki Sticki Icki, and Niples. They said that they were down with me. So I went home for my Green Bubonic Bong. We went to my esculita(school) Santa*Ana HIGH. I packed the first boll but VERY packed. I took the first toke and I choked the fuck out(GOD DAMN IT WAS SOME GOOD AS SHIT). My other homies took some to but not like the one I took. But then my homie Silent said that competition none. So he took the best toke ever, but choked like a mutha. To make this story short we were doing some pull-ups when a little boy appeared out of nowhere. I told the homie Silent about the little boy and we started to trip out. The other homies saw him and they were trippin too. So I told the boy to go away but he wouldn’t move from the spot that he was standing on. He would just look away slowly and then look back at us. So we got scared the fuck out and left quick style. So any waze that was my story so keep on smoking the CHRONIC!!!! AND BE CAREFULL CAUSE THINGS YOU MIGHT SEE!!!
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