Black and Citrus air² Vaporizer

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Black and Citrus air² Includes:

  • * Lithium-Ion Battery Pack Good For 25 minutes of vapor time.
  • * World Adaptor (100V-240V)
  • * Custom Fit (Shoulder Pack) Bag
  • * Small custom Fit Protective Case
  • * 2 Herb Empty Disks
  • * See through window with laser lights.
  • * Matrix tube attachment
  • * Users Manual
  • * Full Featured in Both Fahrenheit and Celsius.

Digital Aromatherapy Vaporization as used in the Vapir Digital Air system utilizes advanced digital microchip technology, advanced polymers, and infrared rays to heat the material only to the temperaturemost effective for gently releasing the pure flavor and active elements into the environment. In this optimal condition there is no smoke, only pure vapor.


Smoking is the most primitive way known to man to inhale a substance. When one smokes, the substance is heated to very high temperatures, sometimes well exceeding 1200ºF. This temperature (which is much hotter than necessary for inhaling the flavor and essence of a plant) burns the material and causes it to be converted into smoke. This smoke can then be inhaled by the smoker in an attempt to obtain some of the benefits of the substance.

Although not without some benefits, smoking has substantial dangerous and hazardous side effects including the production of many carcinogenic and harsh byproducts such as smoke and tar. Simply put, smoking is the equivalent of driving a nail into a small piece of wood with a sledgehammer. There is a better solution.

Vaporization as used in the air² VAPIR DIGITAL AIR system utilizes advanced digital microchip technology to heat up the material only to the temperature most effective for gently releasing the pure flavor and active elements. In this optimal condition there is no burning and there is no smoke, only pure vapor.

Imagine inhaling the essence of any plant without the smoke. Now you can. The future is here!

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i-olite vaporizer ( aka I-inhale )

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The i-olite vaporizer ( aka I-inhale ) is a revolutionary cordless vaporizer. For direct inhalation of vapour, i-olite vaporizer is a pocket size vaporizer. Using patented technology it creates the heat you need to vaporize anytime, anywhere within 45 seconds. Combining a smart design and innovative technology i-olite have defined the next generation in vaporizing herbs. i-olite offers a healthy way enjoy your herbs!

Comes in various exciting colors:  blue, lime green, orange, pink, purple, turquoise, white, yellow

Iolite Portable Vaporizer Introduction

With zero restrictions the iolite Vaporizer removes any doubt that portable vaporization can ever be as powerful or as effective as popular desktop vaporizers.

Fitting in the palm of your hand iolite Vaporizer weighs in at 81 grams / 2.8 oz, less then your typical mobile phone and about the same size.

The iolite Vaporizer is available in the following colors, White, Blue, Pink, Orange, Green, Yellow, Turquoise and Purple.

Addressing size, rich vapor delivery and conservation of your herbs, the iolite Vaporizer is making a powerful impact on the portable vaporizer market.

Iolite Portable Vaporizer History

The iolite Vaporizer was developed and is manufactured completely in Carlow, Ireland by Oglesby & Butler Ltd. Since 1984 Oglesby & Butler Ltd, have been developing portable gas powered products.

So with more then 25 years of experience and expertise in the field of portable heat controlled units, Oglesby & Butler introduces the iolite Portable Vaporizer. iolite Vaporizer Patented Technology The iolite Vaporizer is powered by butane gas, it fills with a minimal amount and holds a charge which allows for continuous vaporization for up to 2 hours.

The iolite Vaporizer contains a patented flameless gas catalytic heater & thermostat. iolite Vaporizer Temperature Controller With a thermostatically controlled bi-metal regulator, the iolite Vaporizer is able to maintain 374° F / 190° C + – 5°. The iolite Vaporizer utilizes a similar temperature regulator as the Volcano Vaporizer Classic.

iolite Vaporizer Healthy and Completely Inert

The catalytic conversion happens in an isolated chamber within the iolite Vaporizer so that butane can heat the unit but as it’s used it expels the butane as harmless water vapor through the escape ports located on the port of the unit.

Since the catalytic conversion on the iolite Vaporizer renders the butane completely inert as well as completely separating the reaction, there are no risks to your health.

Only FDA approved food and medical grade plastics are used in the manufacturing of all iolite Vaporizers which adhere to ISO:9001 – 2001 strict quality guidelines.

iolite Vaporizer Usage

The world’s first truly portable vaporizer in size and usage. The iolite Vaporizer is both completely functional, producing a high quality vapor as well as being free of any restrictions such as cords or batteries.

Just fill up with one of the more common substances around the planet, butane, available just about anywhere and your prepared for 2 hours of continuous vaporization.


WOW…Love that contraption! Review by Candance

Ok…My best friend came over to show me her new ioLite…I was skeptical. But being an experienced toker…I had to try this. Now, I’ve been enjoying my lifestyle for years but this is a first. My husband couldn’t even tell her and I were enjoying her new toy. I love this thing and am going to buy one for myself!

i-olite rules Review by nicksrawastoftime

no other way to use ur herbs except with one of these. does what it says even if ur in a social setting. bags are done!!!

So far, so good! Review by I InHale

Amazing device this I-olite vaporizer, very stealthy. Its not as loud as other reviewers would have you believe. A must have!


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Obliterator Pipe

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The Obliterator Pipe is a state of the art smoking device which features an inner-coil which the smoke passes through, cooling it down to provide a much smoother hit.

All the parts are removable for easy cleaning and the screw on bowl guard allows you to light it without fear of the wind or any other bowl-spilling calamity.

Each Obliterator comes with its own removable string and presentation/storage box.

Available in Black, Blue, Chrome, Gold, Green, Purple, and Red.

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