Fact or Fiction: Can weed kill you?

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Despite its illegality in most places around the globe, it’s no secret that hundreds of thousands of people smoke weed—or marijuana—on a daily basis. Marijuana has recently been legalized in multiple states across the U.S. for medicinal use, although be warned: it does, however, remain a federal offense. With weed in such a spotlight, there is much confusion about the true effects of puffing a little ganja, the answer to the question, “Can weed kill you?” and how a drug could be considered both a cure and a crime.

can you die from weed
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Risk vs. Reward – Can weed kill you?

The effects of weed stretch far and wide and also differ from individual to individual. While there has been numerous reported, as well a scientifically proven, effects of marijuana that are both negative and positive, one lingering question from many individuals is “Can weed kill you?” which in the event of being true, is most definitely negative.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the concept of risk vs. reward. The act of smoking weed can be easily placed within the context of that argument. How so? Oftentimes in life we learn that even the greatest things or experiences can also have major downsides, and are therefore far riskier than are good in how rewarding they may be.

How does that answer the question “Can you die from weed”?

Risks can be major or minor; they can simply be the lack of a reward at all. Risks can also be direct or indirect consequences of an action. Many people are quick to assume that just because something does not have a direct impact upon your life or upon a certain situation, then that idea is wholly good. It’s simply a simple misconception to think that smoking weed is 100% safe or that there can be no risks involved, including death.

Here are some indirect ways that weed can have a negative effect and lead to possible death:

Although weed does essentially fight off cancerous cells, you are still smoking and bringing tar into the lungs. This can still lead to cancer of the lungs in people with compromised immune systems.

Most weed is bought off the streets and not medicinally. There’s always the chance that you may purchase tainted weed cut with other drugs that could easily lead to death if mixed with the wrong medications.

Lastly, if one chooses to smoke and drive, there is always a large impairment and therefore likelihood of accident or death.
So, can weed kill you? Yes, surely. But not directly.

Finally, if you’re interested in learning more about marijuana and its effects, continue reading high-quality articles on my blog :)

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How to grow weed / marijuanna

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how to grow weed

Are you looking to learn how to grow your own weed? While it is illegal to grow marijuana in most states there are a few where growing plants outdoors is legal. Most areas of North America are good locations for producing your own weed. Growing marijuana can be a complex and time consuming process. And if you don’t know what you are doing you will not produce quality weed at all. There are many different small details that need to be taken into consideration when growing your own marijuana. These include the location, the conditions it is grown in, the amount of sunlight the plants will receive, the type of seeds you will use and many other factors. This article covers the many aspects of growing marijuana and provides you with superb tips and suggestions to help you grow the best quality weed possible.

No matter if you looking to grow weed for your own personal use or for selling you will need to know all of the information provided below to ensure you grow the best plants. If you have never grown marijuana before, be prepared. There is a load of work involved in growing and if you don’t think you can dedicate an extended amount of time to doing it you may want to reconsider growing the weed yourself. Not everyone is cut out to grow weed. There is a ton of research that needs to be done, a lot of money needs to be invested in equipment, special precautions taken to make sure you don’t wind up in jail and a load of patience. Marijuana doesn’t grow overnight and can easily be ruined if you make even the slightest mistake when growing it. Are you still wanting to grow your own marijuana? If so, the tips and suggestions below will make things a lot easier on you. Follow each step with close attention and you will be able to produce healthy marijuana plants that are perfect for smoking. With all that said, let’s get into it.

Choosing the Location to Grow Your Marijuana

One of the first things you need to do before starting your weed growing project is figure out where you want to grow it. You can grow it inside or outside. Depending on where you are you may need to grow inside due to the fact that you can easily lose your marijuana plants to theft or police in areas where growing is illegal. If you want to feel safe and more in control of your plants you should probably choose to grow it inside. If, however, it is legal to grow and you feel that your crops will not be stolen, growing outside made be a better option for you. There are different methods, tips and tricks that apply to both growing indoors and outdoors. The conditions vary greatly and you will need to learn about special things you must do depending on where you choose to grow your marijuana.

Growing Marijuana Indoors

Growing weed indoors gives you full control over the conditions your plants grow in, the amount of sunlight they receive and even the nutrients they require. Most of the time, marijuana plants that are grown indoors have very different results than plants grown outside. The plants will appear to be weak and frail. You will more than likely need to use a pole or stick and tie the plant to it in order to keep it upright. But just because the plant looks weaker than those grown outdoors does not mean it lacks in quality. In fact, the quality of weed grown indoors can be of the highest value depending on what you do with your plant.

There are five basic things that every marijuana plant needs to thrive. These are water, sunlight, nutrients, air and controlled temperature. Growing your plants indoors gives you full control over all of these things. You do not have to grow your plant in front of a window if you don’t want to. You can actually use lamps to give the plants the light they need to grow well.

There are two specific lamp types that are commonly used in the growing of marijuana. One is a MH, or metal halide, lamp and the other is a HPS, or high pressure sodium, lamp. Both lamps are quite effective at delivering the amount of light your plants will need. There are small differences between these lamps, though. High pressure sodium lamps are best because they provide excellent light and last up to 18 months each. When you use a HPS lamp for growing marijuana you will notice a substantial vertical growth in a short period of time.

Metal halide lamps are also good and produce results that are the most similar to the effects of actual sunlight. These lights usually last 8 to 10 months and promote great photosynthesis in plants. You can purchase high pressure sodium or metal halide lighting systems online from websites such as Amazon, BetterGrow Hydro, eLights and Avant Garden. Depending on where you purchase them the prices will vary. HPS lighting systems will run anywhere between $60 and $80 each while MD lighting systems are significantly more expensive going for anywhere between $130 and $300 each.

Other things you will need for growing marijuana plants indoors include a fan, pots, trays, soil mixtures, light timer controls, a pH tester and adjuster and white plastic covers or walls painted white for the room you will grow your plants in. All of these are very important for indoor growing.

The air in the room you are going to grow your plants in will need to be very clean air. This means you can’t smoke tobacco, or anything else for that matter, in the room you want to grow in. Doing so will stunt the growth of your plants and make for bad weed.

You will need to setup your lamps around your plants and have them on for about 8 hours a day. The more intense the light the quicker your plants will grow. The same applies if you have your lights on your plants for more than 8 hours a day but this is not recommended. It is better to produce a semi-natural cycle which is 8 hours of light and then total darkness. Your lamps should be placed about 20 inches away from each plant. If you ever put them closer than 14 or 16 inches you can dry out your plants and ruin them. So make sure you take appropriate measurements so that you don’t destroy your marijuana plants. If they aren’t already, you should paint the walls of the room white or at least have white plastic coverings in front of them. This acts as a natural reflector of light and provides the best lighting for your plants.

When it is time for the lights to be off you need to make sure the room you are growing your marijuana plants in is completely dark. Make sure any windows are covered with blackout curtains or something that doesn’t let any light escape into the room. Run duct tape or something across the gaps of the door to the room once you are out. Also make sure you put a towel tightly tucked into the bottom of the door so that no light is able to enter the room at all. Remember, you want to produce the most natural results as possible so the room needs to be totally dark as if it were night time.

Growing marijuana indoors does not produce what is considered to be “organic” weed. Many sellers will tell you that it is the same but it isn’t. You will notice, however, that the THC content and overall potency of marijuana grown indoors is generally a good bit stronger than that of weed grown in an outside location.

Growing Marijuana Outdoors

how to grow weed

Growing weed outside is very different from growing inside. You aren’t in control of all of the elements your plant will be exposed to nor can you ensure that your plant is out of reach of potential thieves or cops for that matter. While growing marijuana outside is basically easy to do anywhere in the United States or North America, it is illegal in almost every location with few exceptions. Unless you are licensed to grow for medical marijuana purposes you may find it difficult to grow plants outside without having to worry about the law catching up to you.

To produce the best plants possible there are a few things you will need to factor in before you begin growing. Marijuana plants need at least 8 hours of sunlight every day to maintain growth and promote photosynthesis to produce healthy plants. To make sure your plants receive the appropriate amount of light you should choose to start growing your weed in either late April or early in the month of May. These months provide the best amount of sunlight throughout the year. You will need to make sure that you plant your marijuana after the last frost or your plants will spoil easily. Cold temperatures are poison to any plant, especially marijuana plants.

You will need to find a location that provides enough sunlight to promote healthy growth but also a spot that provides concealment so as not to be caught by law officials. The last thing you want is to be caught growing marijuana plants in illegal states or areas. Even if you aren’t selling your marijuana, just growing anything up to 10 pounds of weed is considered a felony in most states and can result in jail time as well as a fine of $5,000 or more. If you are growing more than 10 pounds you could be looking at close to 3 or 4 years in jail as well as a charge of $25,000 or more. Law officials take marijuana offenses seriously and don’t think for a second that they will go easy on you. Even if it’s your first offence many judges like to make examples of marijuana growers. So be sure that you choose a location to grow your weed that you feel completely safe to do so in.

Once you have selected a location you will want to check the soil. If it is pretty dry and doesn’t seem to have any vegetation growing nearby you may want to look for a better suited area for growing your marijuana. Weed plants need loads of nutrients and if you plant it in dead soil you will see little to no results from your plant. Look for areas full of plant life with soft, moist soil. These are best for promoting healthy, sustainable marijuana plants. Find brown soil that does not have any rocks, clay or other hard substances in it. If there are any weeds nearby or insects that may do harm to the plants you should proceed to get rid of them. For each plant you will need to dig a good size hole. Each hole should be about a foot in depth and a good foot or so in width as well. To get the best results you should fill the hole with a good soil mixture purchased from a store. Store bought soil is much better to use than the soil you will find on the ground but you still want good soil surrounding each of your plant holes as well.

Each of your plants should be a good three feet or so apart from one another to ensure that each has plenty of room to grow and that they don’t overlap and block each other’s sunlight. Your plants will need water but not too much. Over watering will result in the plants being stunted because their roots will rot and not get the amount of oxygen they need. Check to see if any other plants or crops are grown nearby. Marijuana tends to grow extremely well when crops such as corn or hops are grown nearby, too. Some crops can stunt the growth of weed plants, too, though. These include spinach, rye and even pepper-weed.

To stay out of sight and safe you should not plant huge crops altogether. Instead, spread them out and grow marijuana plants in small sections. Make sure each section of plant are a good distance from each other. Otherwise you risk being noticed very easily. Large marijuana crops are easily detected and it’s best to avoid this.

To get the best results possible with your plants you will need to do some research and find out what the best outdoor marijuana seeds are. Any seeds you get need to be in good condition. This means they should not look dried out or grey in color. The best seeds are those that are green, bulky and are very healthy looking. These seeds will take the best when you plant them. Dried out seeds will produce shoddy plants or nothing at all. If you don’t possess any good seeds you may want to purchase some. The better the seeds you have the better the plants you will be able to produce.

You will need to come back to this area to check on your plants every day. If the area you have planted in hasn’t seen rain in a few days you may want to consider watering the plant a bit yourself to ensure it grows well. Marijuana plants tend to grow pretty quickly. Most plants last only 12 to 17 weeks before dying out. This depends on the sex of your plants. Males live about 3 months whereas females live about a month longer. Male marijuana plants are taller than females and will have a few flowers on it. Females, however, are much smaller and do not have flowers but instead have clusters of leaves. If you want to collect seeds from your plants you will need to wait until the male plants release pollen. If you don’t want seeds and just want to collect the marijuana itself you don’t have to wait for this and it is actually better to collect before the males spread their pollen.

When your plant has matured and is nearing full growth you will need to prepare yourself to harvest. When you go to move your marijuana plant you will want to make sure you leave a good, solid section of soil on the roots so as to keep the plant from dying from shock. You should proceed to relocate the plant as quickly as possible. Once you have it replanted you will need to harvest the weed. If you want high quality weed you will need to dry the leaves with a fan for a few hours. Once this process has completed you will have yourself some seriously good weed.

Overall, growing marijuana outside is a bit better than growing inside. For one thing it is much cheaper. You don’t have to worry about the costs of expensive equipment such as lighting systems and other necessary items. And it also provides for a much more organic plant which may be less potent but will be of much better quality. So you have to make a choice. Do you want to have an organic weed experience? Or would you prefer to have a stronger, higher THC content plant? Answering this one question may make for an easy decision for where you want to grow your marijuana plants.

Growing weed is a long, tedious process. No matter if you go with indoor or outdoor growing you will need to spend a lot of time taking care of and watching after your plants to ensure the best possible results. If you are in an area where growing marijuana is illegal you will have to take even more precautions to make sure you don’t end up getting caught. Get caught growing weed and you will find yourself in jail for an extended amount of time and being slapped with a huge fine. Growing your marijuana indoors is the best way to make sure you aren’t caught doing so. Believe it or not local governments can and do spend a good bit of money on sending search parties to find cannabis operations even in the most remote locations.

Be careful to choose a location that is perfect in terms of favorable conditions as well as being concealed enough to not be seen by local authorities or anyone for that matter. You don’t want to lose your marijuana plants to carelessness so take location very seriously. If possible, find a well vegetated area in which your plants will blend in nicely with to make for a natural camouflage that hides your operation well. If you don’t follow this tip you are shooting yourself in the foot. It’s important to fly under the radar when growing marijuana plants especially when you are taking the risk of planting them outside in the open where anyone can accidentally walk into your crops.

In conclusion, there is a lot to growing your own marijuana. If you have little or no experience growing weed this guide will serve as a great starting point for you. Be sure to save or bookmark it to reference back to as you progress through your marijuana growing experience. From start to finish you will find that growing marijuana is one serious experience in which every step should be taken with great care. It may seem like a lot but in the end you will have a lot more knowledge of growing and will be get better and better at it as time goes on. As you grow multiple plants you will find your own personal touch for growing. Use this guide religiously and follow each step with great care. Marijuana growing is anything but easy but using this guide as a start place you will be able to develop your green thumb more quickly and easily than others. Now go get started on your marijuana growing project.

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