Does Bud Lose Its Potency if You Smoke it for too Long?

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One of the hard things about information about cannabis is that the experience of using cannabis is largely subjective. Some people report that, after they have been smoking the same marijuana for a while, they don’t feel the effects quite as strongly as they did at first. In fact, some people claim that they don’t even get high off marijuana if they have smoked it for too long.

Is this true? It depends on whom you ask. Because a marijuana buzz is such a subjective experience, you may notice that you still feel like you get a marijuana high off bud that you have been smoking for a while, while other people you know who use medical marijuana may report that they can’t smoke any more than a quarter ounce or even less of the same bud without noticing a significant diminishing in the effects.

Understanding the Effects

If you’re wondering whether you are developing a tolerance to a particular strain of marijuana, the first thing you want to take into consideration is how you experienced the buzz at first. For example, if you were smoking an Indica strain, you probably notice that you felt calm, very relaxed and not very energetic. If you were smoking a Sativa strain, you may have noticed that you felt very energetic, lively and were probably quite a bit of fun to be around.

If these effects are diminishing, you may actually be developing something of a tolerance to the marijuana that you’re smoking. The thing to watch out for is if you are no longer getting the medical benefit that you are after. For example, if you are smoking marijuana for chronic pain and you notice that it doesn’t seem to be killing the pain quite as well as it did when you first got it, you may want to go down to the dispensary and talk to the people about it. They may be able to recommend a similar strain of marijuana that can help you get the benefits again.

Smoking too Much

Most of the time, if you smoke too much marijuana, you’ll probably fall asleep and wake up very hungry or get very hungry and then fall asleep after you eat. This is the most common side effect of people smoking too much marijuana. Of course, if you’re smoking marijuana to increase your appetite and relieve anxiety, this isn’t a side effect, it’s the desired effect.

There is a point, however, when people smoke so much marijuana that they are no longer really getting a buzz off it. For most people, there is something of a ceiling as to how much of an effect you can expect for marijuana. If you feel like you’re not getting any more of a buzz and that you’re just burning up weed, it’s a good idea to quit. You may want to look for something a bit stronger or, on the other hand, you may want to get up and do something, as you may have more of a buzz than you think and you may not realize it because you haven’t moved around since you started smoking.

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Growing Marijuana Using Special Grow Lights

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Marijuana growing lights are used to get the best results when growing marijuana. Anybody who chooses to grow marijuana needs to know the basics when it comes to lighting. Once you decide on where you prefer to grow the marijuana then you can decide on what lighting to use. When a person grows their weed outside then the sunrays from the sun is the natural light. If you grow your weed indoors then picking out the correct lighting is essential. The right lighting that is used will determine on how well the plant grows and produces good buds.

Marijuana is very dependent when it comes to lighting. The plant has to have so much lighting a day to help with its growing process. Each marijuana plant is different when it comes to lighting. Some will require more light attention than others this is why people who choose to grow weed need to be informed on the details of lighting. Another thing to look at as the electricity that will be used when growing marijuana, depending on how big of a room you have the plants stored in will make a difference on the electric bill.

Having knowledge on the right amount of marijuana growing lights is very important. When growing marijuana you have to have time and patience with each plant. Some are easier to grow than others and some will require more light than others. It will vary on what kind of marijuana plant you want to produce. Each plant will also need its dark time as well if not then you will not get the quality and quantity from the weed.  The most effective kinds of marijuana lightings are metal halide high power discharge and sodium lamps.

The metal halide is better for the growth of the marijuana plants and the sodium light is best for the flowering process. Just remember that when uses light bulbs even though they are good to use you have to be careful that they do not get so close to the marijuana plant because the light can burn it which in return will damage the weed.  Fluorescent lighting is also good to use during the growing stages but when it comes to the flowering session you will need a more intense light. LED lighting is relevantly new and more people are leaning towards trying this out.

One reason people want to do this is because it will be energy sufficient and they will be able to save money on the electricity bill.  When choosing a LED light you will want to make sure that the marijuana plants get enough light exposure. LED lighting can be a little pricey but if you do the math you will still come out better for using this form of light because you want have to worry about providing any more accessories from a traditional lighting system like vented hoods, ducting, reflectors and ballasts.

Want to learn more about growing marijuana? Check out for a decade of experience in growing and harvesting cannais.

Happy growing,

Robert Bergman,

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E-Cigarette Comparison: Bull Smoke vs South Beach Smoke

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There are a lot of smokers that are starting to try electronic cigarettes and they really like them but it is hard to decide which ones to buy. There are dozens of e-cigarette brands and it can be overwhelming. Two of the best brands of e-cigarettes for an electronic cigarette comparison are South Beach Smoke and Bull Smoke.

E-cigarettes have popped up for sale everywhere in the past few years, and for good reason. Switching from regular tobacco to e-cigarettes can save you money and improve your health. You don’t have to worry about stained teeth or a bad smell with e-cigs. E-cigarette starter kits like those made by Bull Smoke help you make the transition from traditional cigarettes to the new, improved way to smoke.

Both of these brands of e-cigarettes are attractive because they have some amazing packaging. The Bull Smoke e-cigarette is perfect for a manly man and the South Beach e-cigarette has a classic black that most people really like. According to some South Beach Smoke reviews a lot of people really like this e-cigarette because of the vapor it emits and it has five alluring flavors.

The Bull Smoke e-cigarette has a battery that lasts a really long time and if you are person who likes to try different flavors then Bull Smoke has about ten to choose from. When it comes to quality then a lot of reviews claim that Bull Smoke and South Beach Smoke are both right on the money.

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How to Purchase Electronic Cigarettes?

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Electronic cigarettes seem to be a rare brand of electrical equipment which is now widely available in the market. This device has been received positively and although it has been in the market only for a very short period yet its popularity has reached great heights in the current age. People are slowly moving towards using this device which offers the right substitute to ordinary cigarettes which are bound to cause us harm and no good. In fact, you can relate electronic cigarettes as electrical devices which are capable of recreating the same effect of normal smoking except that it saves the smoker from inhaling any of the carcinogenic substances, tar and other harmful smoke which is released during smoking of the real cigarettes. Considering the general purpose behind the manufacture of electronic cigarettes, it was rightly named as a smoking cessation device, although one cannot completely say that it achieves this effect. Although there are only reduced effects of smoking that is achieved through this device, yet the device contains nicotine and thus all the effects on health cannot be ignored due to this reason.

Several researchers and health organizations are not satisfied with this device as it is sure that it still carries health risks and since this equipment appeals to non-smokers and children as well, it is a negative approach of exposing this category of the society to the possible addiction to nicotine.

Currently, there are several manufacturers’s who are producing electronic cigarettes and these are being exported to nations all over the world. In a very short period, a wide availability of this device has been noticed which can certainly be attributed to its usage and popularity. You can find the best ones by sifting through e cigarette reviews online. Although the basic construction of this device is similar, yet each brand has its own unique parts and features and is slightly different from each other with respect to its usage and its time period of usage. Most of the brands are available with replaceable parts which makes it easy for the users to reuse the device. Although an electronic cigarette is expensive but in the long run it is possible to maintain this device with its replaceable parts and it is supposed to be more cost-effective than using the ordinary cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes are widely available in online and offline stores and they are turning out to be commodities of great demand. Most of the known brands have their own website through which online shopping of this product is possible. As there are fewer legislation and laws governing the sale and purchase of the product, there is no difficulty in buying the product. Also, most of the buyers check out online critiques as there is wide information available on the web regarding this special device. Reviews about the device greatly help purchasers to understand the exact effects, uses and disadvantages of starting with the electronic cigarettes. Also, certain brands do not appeal to all the users and thus going through the customer reviews actually offers potential buyers to understand if their investment will actually be satisfactory to them or not.

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Grow your own!

Posted: 03/15/2010 | By: 420tour | Under: Best Sellers, Bongs & Waterpipes | 0 Comments is a new site we are reviewing that offers a complete and comprehensive step by step guide on how to cultivate your own marijuana indoors. The guide is well written and lays out a damn good plan on setting up your indoor garden. The guide lists approximately fifteen steps which take you through the entire growing process. It starts with choosing the seeds and soil, and then moves into what are the right lights for growing weed. Next, the site goes into the proper watering techniques, feeding etc., and then into one of the more important steps, which is ventilation. The end of the guide goes into harvesting and curing, and even shows you how to clone marijuana plants.

All in all I would give this guide 4 out of 5 stars. This guide is great for newbies, but also could teach a veteran a thing or two.

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Colored and Fumed Glass Bubbler

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Click here to buy this Glass Bubbler

Product Description

  • Silver and gold fumed sherlock bubbler with color. Accented with a nice marble on the front of the cariage.


Great delivery time, and a great… Review by theharshreality5

Great delivery time, and a great bubbler, anyone without this bubbler is missing out.

This bubbler most certainly does… Review by blunted1

This bubbler most certainly does kick ass. Color was also different than shown but a lot better. Awesome piece thank you!

I purchased this nice bubbler its… Review by awolrusone

I purchased this nice bubbler its arrival time was prompt. The colors were different from what is displayed but they are still dope. The marble is the best i have ever seen. This peice does its job well.-Bola

Foxy-Lady Is a bad piece…. easy… Review by deltamike21

Foxy-Lady Is a bad piece…. easy cleaning, recomend non-acetone nail polish remover. get it at walmart for like $0.90. And no it won’t ruin ur piece… ive been useing it for years, just rinse it well will cool water. Color did vary from the site. But still a bad bitch worth the buck.

This is bubbler with get you… Review by spizzy420

This is bubbler with get you blazed!! ….It is very functionable and durable. It stands up very easy…if you’ve ever had trouble with spilling boong water this is the bubbler for you. Cleaning has been very easy. The only problem that i had was that the color I recieved was different from what is on the web-site. Also the look of it is alittle different too but mostly same basic shape. mango goodies

OnE kIcK-aSs BuBbLeR… Review by MoNkEySpIt2003

OnE kIcK-aSs BuBbLeR

Click here to buy this Glass Bubbler

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Inside Out Spoon Glass Pipe

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Click here to purchase this Glass Pipe

Product Description

  • Inside out one-piece hand pipe with color and fumed dots.


Excellent. Review by Dexing

I picked this pipe out for my 16th birthday, I’m nineteen and I still have it. Mine is a much cooler shape then the one in the picture, it is perfectly balanced and can stand on its mouth piece, it hits fantastically, has survived 2-3 very bad drops, has gotten hundreds of compliments, is chosen over other pipes when someone needs one to use, has a decent sized bowl, a perfect carb to bowl hole ratio, is comfortable in the hand, and a thrilling piece to watch change colors and evolve with time. It is my favorite pipe I have ever owned, and a true work of art. There was no disappointment in this pipe whatsoever. The one you get may be as nice as mine, who knows!

Kind of a small bowl, but… Review by JRTRAP

Kind of a small bowl, but otherwise this is a work of art. Nice design, mine came with blue and yellow stripes all over it…pretty phat, already changing colors after 2 bowls. definatly worth the money. TRAP

I’ve had this bowl for almost six… Review by germbrat

I’ve had this bowl for almost six months now and it still hits amazing. Mine came with an orange pattern to it and now has a deep purple background and light blue spots all over as well. Best pipe I ever bought.

Great pipe, Awesome colors when… Review by iggyrulz420

Great pipe, Awesome colors when smoked out of for a while. Hits awesome. Nice feel in your hand.

This is a really nice bowl, i just… Review by broseph

This is a really nice bowl, i just got mine tonight and it looks even cooler than the one in the picture, I only smoked three bowls out of it and its already starting to change colors. This thing hits pretty hard and will get you baked pretty quickly. I would definantly reccomend adding this piece to your collection.

not double blown, however very… Review by winning420

not double blown, however very nice piece and worth the price for the craftmanship. hits nice, and is already getting slight color change after 3 or 4 packs.

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Stealth Flashlight / pipe

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Stealth Flashlight / pipe


Product Description

  • Aluminum key chain pipe
    Torch design
    No..this doesn’t really work as a flashlight, but it makes a great stealth pipe!
    Easy to take with you

Click here to purchase this stealth flashlight pipe


ThiS “FlashlighT” rocKs…yOu cAn… Review by Christian101

ThiS “FlashlighT” rocKs…yOu cAn sMoke oUt Of It. The design of this piece is genieus and it hits fairly well. but i wasnt impressed with the craftsmenship. this pipe is super simple to get if you live with your parents and they dont like when you smoke herb, just tell them its a flashlught you bought.

i havent got a chance to smoke out… Review by buddhaman234

i havent got a chance to smoke out of it yet but at first sight this seems great. its very stealthy and perfect for hanging on keys or in a glove compartment. seems like it will smoke well but i gotta wait to find out. the only real issue is that i didnt get the right color. however i like the black much better then red. draws less attention.

Awesome pipe, the bowl is friggin… Review by crazycraka

Awesome pipe, the bowl is friggin huge for such a small pipe, works great with the screens, you use the front as a carb. It hits pretty hard. I didn’t think the pipe would be this small and it actually feels like a flashlight, I thought it was gunna be cheap and light.. I recommend that your first few hits from the pipe you don’t inhale that shit into your lungs cuz its the coating of the paint from inside the pipe going into ur lungs, so just blow the smoke out dont hold it in ur lungs.. Also, the shipping was mad fast, took less then a week to go from amsterdam to the USA thats fuckn crazy cuz i was expecting it to take 2-4 weeks..

Totally worth it! Its a great… Review by crhch

Totally worth it! Its a great sneak pipe. The illusion lasts long enough to fool even the most diligent rent-a-cop. For such a small pipe, it gives an astonishingly good hit, lots of smoke, and not too hot. Pipe does get warm with use, but not unbearable. Put in freezer beforehand if possible is an excellent option. Also, the bowl itself, when in flashlight form, cant hold herb in it to be smoked at a later time. Christened mine with some bubba cush frome cuba ;)

Very nice stealth pipe!! I tried… Review by humage45

Very nice stealth pipe!! I tried this out right when I got it, and it has a very nice bowl and is very well made. The only thing about it is that it hits like Godzilla on roller skates with a flamethrower. Overall 4/5.

yea this flashlight is the best. i… Review by bonzo21290

yea this flashlight is the best. i have it on my keychain and it’s great for last minute smokes on the go! it’s so clever and the bowl is huge. you can clam this shit and save the dumping of the ashes for the appropriate time. i love the choke too

I got it after a while but totally… Review by cpjax

I got it after a while but totally worth the wait it hits smooth enough and cool enough to not be a problem it gets kinda hot and because i have long hair i tend to singe my hair because it is so close to my face. That aside it is the shit for those who are a little paranoid about their paraphanalia. Definitely recomend it for students or those living with the risk of parents friends significant others.

this pipe is the shit..holy fuck i… Review by mizer241991

this pipe is the shit..holy fuck i was readin all this shit bout it n i was like dam i need that shit..when it arrived n the mail my mom was like u have a package i was like o shit..shes like whos it from i was like o thats my flashlight dont worry bout it…FUCK

This pipe rips! and its really… Review by dmfay89

This pipe rips! and its really stealth! You just move some pieces, use the front as a carb and with a screen (included) can cherry a bowl of blueberry 16 hits. I cant believe how stealth it is. It’s bigger than I expected, but makes sense for when you light up. Pipe gets really hot after those 16 hits. Craftsmanship is a little clumsy. But it’s deffinately a solid piece that wont break on you. Man you don’t now how happy i am about that blueberry!

this pipe saved my ass the other… Review by freaker6660

this pipe saved my ass the other day. i’m in cadets and the instructurs are rly tight. i was out on a night exersise with my m8 so i said fancy a quik smoke. whipped out this pipe torch and he was amazed. if u like to sneak-a-toak. then buy one of these. nice hit off it aswel

Click here to purchase this stealth flashlight pipe

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Black and Citrus air² Vaporizer

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Click here to purchase this Vaporizer

Black and Citrus air² Includes:

  • * Lithium-Ion Battery Pack Good For 25 minutes of vapor time.
  • * World Adaptor (100V-240V)
  • * Custom Fit (Shoulder Pack) Bag
  • * Small custom Fit Protective Case
  • * 2 Herb Empty Disks
  • * See through window with laser lights.
  • * Matrix tube attachment
  • * Users Manual
  • * Full Featured in Both Fahrenheit and Celsius.

Digital Aromatherapy Vaporization as used in the Vapir Digital Air system utilizes advanced digital microchip technology, advanced polymers, and infrared rays to heat the material only to the temperaturemost effective for gently releasing the pure flavor and active elements into the environment. In this optimal condition there is no smoke, only pure vapor.


Smoking is the most primitive way known to man to inhale a substance. When one smokes, the substance is heated to very high temperatures, sometimes well exceeding 1200ºF. This temperature (which is much hotter than necessary for inhaling the flavor and essence of a plant) burns the material and causes it to be converted into smoke. This smoke can then be inhaled by the smoker in an attempt to obtain some of the benefits of the substance.

Although not without some benefits, smoking has substantial dangerous and hazardous side effects including the production of many carcinogenic and harsh byproducts such as smoke and tar. Simply put, smoking is the equivalent of driving a nail into a small piece of wood with a sledgehammer. There is a better solution.

Vaporization as used in the air² VAPIR DIGITAL AIR system utilizes advanced digital microchip technology to heat up the material only to the temperature most effective for gently releasing the pure flavor and active elements. In this optimal condition there is no burning and there is no smoke, only pure vapor.

Imagine inhaling the essence of any plant without the smoke. Now you can. The future is here!

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i-olite vaporizer ( aka I-inhale )

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Click here to purchase this Vaporizer


The i-olite vaporizer ( aka I-inhale ) is a revolutionary cordless vaporizer. For direct inhalation of vapour, i-olite vaporizer is a pocket size vaporizer. Using patented technology it creates the heat you need to vaporize anytime, anywhere within 45 seconds. Combining a smart design and innovative technology i-olite have defined the next generation in vaporizing herbs. i-olite offers a healthy way enjoy your herbs!

Comes in various exciting colors:  blue, lime green, orange, pink, purple, turquoise, white, yellow

Iolite Portable Vaporizer Introduction

With zero restrictions the iolite Vaporizer removes any doubt that portable vaporization can ever be as powerful or as effective as popular desktop vaporizers.

Fitting in the palm of your hand iolite Vaporizer weighs in at 81 grams / 2.8 oz, less then your typical mobile phone and about the same size.

The iolite Vaporizer is available in the following colors, White, Blue, Pink, Orange, Green, Yellow, Turquoise and Purple.

Addressing size, rich vapor delivery and conservation of your herbs, the iolite Vaporizer is making a powerful impact on the portable vaporizer market.

Iolite Portable Vaporizer History

The iolite Vaporizer was developed and is manufactured completely in Carlow, Ireland by Oglesby & Butler Ltd. Since 1984 Oglesby & Butler Ltd, have been developing portable gas powered products.

So with more then 25 years of experience and expertise in the field of portable heat controlled units, Oglesby & Butler introduces the iolite Portable Vaporizer. iolite Vaporizer Patented Technology The iolite Vaporizer is powered by butane gas, it fills with a minimal amount and holds a charge which allows for continuous vaporization for up to 2 hours.

The iolite Vaporizer contains a patented flameless gas catalytic heater & thermostat. iolite Vaporizer Temperature Controller With a thermostatically controlled bi-metal regulator, the iolite Vaporizer is able to maintain 374° F / 190° C + – 5°. The iolite Vaporizer utilizes a similar temperature regulator as the Volcano Vaporizer Classic.

iolite Vaporizer Healthy and Completely Inert

The catalytic conversion happens in an isolated chamber within the iolite Vaporizer so that butane can heat the unit but as it’s used it expels the butane as harmless water vapor through the escape ports located on the port of the unit.

Since the catalytic conversion on the iolite Vaporizer renders the butane completely inert as well as completely separating the reaction, there are no risks to your health.

Only FDA approved food and medical grade plastics are used in the manufacturing of all iolite Vaporizers which adhere to ISO:9001 – 2001 strict quality guidelines.

iolite Vaporizer Usage

The world’s first truly portable vaporizer in size and usage. The iolite Vaporizer is both completely functional, producing a high quality vapor as well as being free of any restrictions such as cords or batteries.

Just fill up with one of the more common substances around the planet, butane, available just about anywhere and your prepared for 2 hours of continuous vaporization.


WOW…Love that contraption! Review by Candance

Ok…My best friend came over to show me her new ioLite…I was skeptical. But being an experienced toker…I had to try this. Now, I’ve been enjoying my lifestyle for years but this is a first. My husband couldn’t even tell her and I were enjoying her new toy. I love this thing and am going to buy one for myself!

i-olite rules Review by nicksrawastoftime

no other way to use ur herbs except with one of these. does what it says even if ur in a social setting. bags are done!!!

So far, so good! Review by I InHale

Amazing device this I-olite vaporizer, very stealthy. Its not as loud as other reviewers would have you believe. A must have!


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