Stealth Flashlight / pipe

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Stealth Flashlight / pipe


Product Description

  • Aluminum key chain pipe
    Torch design
    No..this doesn’t really work as a flashlight, but it makes a great stealth pipe!
    Easy to take with you

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ThiS “FlashlighT” rocKs…yOu cAn… Review by Christian101

ThiS “FlashlighT” rocKs…yOu cAn sMoke oUt Of It. The design of this piece is genieus and it hits fairly well. but i wasnt impressed with the craftsmenship. this pipe is super simple to get if you live with your parents and they dont like when you smoke herb, just tell them its a flashlught you bought.

i havent got a chance to smoke out… Review by buddhaman234

i havent got a chance to smoke out of it yet but at first sight this seems great. its very stealthy and perfect for hanging on keys or in a glove compartment. seems like it will smoke well but i gotta wait to find out. the only real issue is that i didnt get the right color. however i like the black much better then red. draws less attention.

Awesome pipe, the bowl is friggin… Review by crazycraka

Awesome pipe, the bowl is friggin huge for such a small pipe, works great with the screens, you use the front as a carb. It hits pretty hard. I didn’t think the pipe would be this small and it actually feels like a flashlight, I thought it was gunna be cheap and light.. I recommend that your first few hits from the pipe you don’t inhale that shit into your lungs cuz its the coating of the paint from inside the pipe going into ur lungs, so just blow the smoke out dont hold it in ur lungs.. Also, the shipping was mad fast, took less then a week to go from amsterdam to the USA thats fuckn crazy cuz i was expecting it to take 2-4 weeks..

Totally worth it! Its a great… Review by crhch

Totally worth it! Its a great sneak pipe. The illusion lasts long enough to fool even the most diligent rent-a-cop. For such a small pipe, it gives an astonishingly good hit, lots of smoke, and not too hot. Pipe does get warm with use, but not unbearable. Put in freezer beforehand if possible is an excellent option. Also, the bowl itself, when in flashlight form, cant hold herb in it to be smoked at a later time. Christened mine with some bubba cush frome cuba ;)

Very nice stealth pipe!! I tried… Review by humage45

Very nice stealth pipe!! I tried this out right when I got it, and it has a very nice bowl and is very well made. The only thing about it is that it hits like Godzilla on roller skates with a flamethrower. Overall 4/5.

yea this flashlight is the best. i… Review by bonzo21290

yea this flashlight is the best. i have it on my keychain and it’s great for last minute smokes on the go! it’s so clever and the bowl is huge. you can clam this shit and save the dumping of the ashes for the appropriate time. i love the choke too

I got it after a while but totally… Review by cpjax

I got it after a while but totally worth the wait it hits smooth enough and cool enough to not be a problem it gets kinda hot and because i have long hair i tend to singe my hair because it is so close to my face. That aside it is the shit for those who are a little paranoid about their paraphanalia. Definitely recomend it for students or those living with the risk of parents friends significant others.

this pipe is the shit..holy fuck i… Review by mizer241991

this pipe is the shit..holy fuck i was readin all this shit bout it n i was like dam i need that shit..when it arrived n the mail my mom was like u have a package i was like o shit..shes like whos it from i was like o thats my flashlight dont worry bout it…FUCK

This pipe rips! and its really… Review by dmfay89

This pipe rips! and its really stealth! You just move some pieces, use the front as a carb and with a screen (included) can cherry a bowl of blueberry 16 hits. I cant believe how stealth it is. It’s bigger than I expected, but makes sense for when you light up. Pipe gets really hot after those 16 hits. Craftsmanship is a little clumsy. But it’s deffinately a solid piece that wont break on you. Man you don’t now how happy i am about that blueberry!

this pipe saved my ass the other… Review by freaker6660

this pipe saved my ass the other day. i’m in cadets and the instructurs are rly tight. i was out on a night exersise with my m8 so i said fancy a quik smoke. whipped out this pipe torch and he was amazed. if u like to sneak-a-toak. then buy one of these. nice hit off it aswel

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