2000 Ice

Posted: 08/07/2009 | By: 420tour | Under: Bongs & Waterpipes | 2 Comments


Product Description:-

“Size Matters”

  • Ice version
  • Magic Giants is the ultimate collection for all you hardcore bong hitters
  • Magic Glass Bongs are not mass produced glass bongs
  • These bongs are made from the finest borosilicate glass
  • Under the highest quality standards
  • All bongs are tested before despatch
  • These are top quality glass bongs made in Germany
  • 18.8mm join

Price: $118.40  Click here for Buy this Bong

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2 Comments on "2000 Ice"

  1. Juicyy on August 8th, 2009

    This thing is amazing. Would highly recommend to anyone!

  2. VapoIceBongHitter on August 8th, 2009

    Hooked this up to my VapoBrothers vaporizer and I have the most evil herb inhalation device ever conceived by man. It gives the biggest, coldest hits I’ve ever had. Great, thick glass. Very well made.